As a freelance graphic design business, Floralies Creative offers a variety of services and packages that can help your business succeed!

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The buzz word in the marketplace today and one that can easily cause confusion or hesitation to the most savvy business owners. Where do you start? How do you even get a brand? Do you really need a brand? We can answer all your brand questions.

This is our wheelhouse and there is nothing we enjoy doing more than helping you create a visual representation of your company. We custom design every aspect to be seamless, timeless and consistent on every platform, both digitally and in print. Floralies Creative offers assistance on every level needed to help your company make a unique visual statement.

From simple, custom logos to full brand strategy and development that includes one on business discussion with a brand discovery session, Floralies Creative helps you give your customer the “experience” of your brand that informs and engages your target audience.

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Custom Logo

Our custom logos are design and created just.for.you.

No one else will have it or anything like it. We work directly with you in the development stage, creating a logo that represents your company and the product or service you offer. We strive to create something you can be proud to put on everything. And we love seeing how our clients have used their logo across the board from printed media to apparel, packaging to car wraps. We ask questions and bring it to life.

Brand strategy & development

Developing your brand goes beyond just the logo. Helping you define what you need is the aim of a brand strategy. We’ll ask questions – loads of them – that bring insight into this process for us and for you. This might take some time as getting to know each other always does. Our goal is to visually create the culture and identity that will engage and create loyal fans from your target customer base.

Brand Marketing & Design

Creating a brand is only part of the strategy. Developing a seamless and consistent look across every platform makes your brand consistent and recognizable. With expertise in print layout and digital design, let Floralies Creative design all your communication needs.

Often times, our clients hold special events or corporate gatherings. We love to aid in giving the added touch of designing the details! Digital promotions and mailers, handouts, maps, table placements, schedules, posters and signs – all the details! Let us help you make your event beautiful from the moment your clients see the promotions online to when they walk in the door, and through to the end of your event!

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Event Print Design

Professional invitations and all the collateral custom designed and unique for your event and location. We help you walk through the design needs of the entire event from promoting to follow-up after the event is done. Menus? Check! Table numbers? Check! Signs and info? Check! Check!

digital promotion design

Your event has been in the developement stage – you came up with a theme and… now what!? Let us help you design visuals and graphics that can be used to promote your event across the internet and on every social platform! 

event communications

There are so many things to consider in communications for your event! Emails and marketing that needs to happen once your clients register. We can help by building custom templates and brand consistent communication with design and graphics that can effectively relay all the details of your special event to your guests! 

Floralies Creative

We offer support in keeping your business running smoothly in your day to day design needs.

Floralies Creative offers services in design & print layout for annual reports, flyers, mailers, and all business collateral your company needs for marketing and visual communication.

We also offer monthly subscription services or day rates so you can keep us on retainer month to month for all your design needs!

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mailers & promotionals

We’ve partnered with some pretty magnificent clients in bringing their larger projects to life with layout and formatting needs. Whether it’s an annual report, product brochures or technical manuals, Floralies Creative can help in getting your company’s book/pamphlets/catalogs designed and formatted for printing.

digital marketing design

We have worked with large corporations and understand brand guidelines – and we are experienced in honoring them! We custom design marketing and promotionals to fit your branding needs in social media as well as internet based marketing ads and banners. We do like to create and expand brand graphics if that is a need! Let’s see how Floralies Creative can assist you!

custom templates

Emails and newsletters can be a daunting task for any business. We work to create custom templates that can speed up the process with simple inserts and copy/paste content to achieve maximum impact with less time!

layout & formatting

We’ve partnered with some pretty magnificent clients in bringing their larger projects to life with layout and formatting needs. Whether it’s an annual report, product brochures or technical manuals, Floralies Creative can help in getting your company’s book/pamphlets/catalogs designed and formatted for printing.


Maybe your need doesn’t fit neatly in the categories listed. Our graphic and print design services are pretty extensive so feel free to drop us a line to see how we can assist you today.

Website building isn’t impossible… but it can take substantial time away from your business. At Floralies Creative, we understand your time is valuable! We offer design assistance in building a site that is clean, engaging and appeals to your target audience.

We offer options for those who simply need a site built that they can maintain and update on their own on Squarespace, and we now offer full service site design and maintenance for WordPress users! This is for those who want to release another item off their growing To Do list! Schedule a consultation today!

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website construct & design

We offer full website design builds on WordPress platforms using Divi design templates with full site management subscriptions available. 

website update

If you currently have a website, we do offer services limited to SquareSpace platforms or WordPress with Divi for any design. Contact Paula today to discuss!

Floralies Creative

Are there a list of design projects you have been needing to get done and haven’t known what to do with them? VIP or Day Rate is a great option for you!

This is an opportunity to access 8 solid hours of focused attention and resource from Floralies Creative for you. A lot can get accomplished in 8 hours at the hands of an expert! A strategy session is scheduled to discuss the projects you want to have done. We will walk through each one and establish peramiters, discuss scope of each project and determine next steps. Hire us today for one or multiple days to help you out!

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