A studio led by Paula Hays who’s mission is to create a Unique, Engaging, and Consistent brand solutions, print collateral and web design in the marketplace for your company.

Paula has 15+ years in design experience.  Nine of which were spent working for Hallmark Cards corporate headquarters in Kansas City. She worked there as a designer and production artist, including designing for the Hall Family Foundation. She has expertise in brand development, design layout and print production. Our clients agree she has some pretty phenomenal customer service skills as well.

Brand strategy, design and developement are her wheelhouse.
Building up a consistent look as well as developing a “visual voice” specifically designed to attract your target audience
is the main focus.
She’s not afraid of color and
definitely not afraid to think outside the box.

With expertise in print and file preperation, you can be confident your printed projects recieve creative solutions on time.

Offering options to meet your company needs by aligning a visual presence with your vision for growth. She has a variety of options to assist in brand strategy and brand development as well as digital support. Additional design solutions are available for your company’s print and design needs.

“Floralies” is a French term meaning “exhibition of flowers or celebration of blooms.”

And we believe this is our mission: to exhibit your company to the public in a unique, engaging and celebratory way. With the services offered, Floralies Creative is confident in experience and talent to develop a design solution to fit your company’s specific needs for impact, exposure and growth.

Your company is worth celebrating. You’ve put thought, strategy and a lot of hard work in to make it happen. At Floralies Creative, we understand the importance of this and a design partnership with us will help you do it with excellence!

*Floralies Creative is an LLC